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Aonoch Mor East Face 11th April

Alison taking refuge in a snow hole

Today Alison and Adele took a ride as far as they could to climb on the East Face of Aonoch Mor. Making full use of the facilities the snow patrol had made outside their shed they shared the customary cheese butties before descending into the whiteness of the East face. A short abseil took them over the lip of easy gully and below the cliffs that were covered in stonking ice. Wandering along the bottom Adele tried to use her distant memory to find left twin. An anchor was built and although graded at a II left twin provided them with all the excitement they needed. Brilliant ice that was steeper than expected and then a leg swinging wriggle over the cornice gave this route its three stars.

Thanks to ski patrol Dave for a hot drink as the two snow ladies found themselves back at the top hut.

Yet another great day!


Posted on 11 Apr 2013 by adele
Two Places left on SPA Training Course 27th/28th April

Adele will be running a Single Pitch Training  Course in the Peak District on the 27th/28th April.

The course is non residential and costs £120

Please contact Adele if your interested or make a booking directly with http://www.mountain-training.org

Posted on 09 Apr 2013 by adele
Tower Ridge for Alison 9th April

Its been five weeks since Alison and Adele cheekily through abuse at each other as to who had forgotten the car keys. Obviously this was not going to be the last time that this duo were going to laugh their way through a route. A plan was made for Tower Ridge and the plan was kept. Talking non stop for the walk in it was no wonder no one else joined them on Tower ridge.

Alison enjoying her day.


Alison peeping at what is coming next.

The last section of the ridge.

The girls topped out at 4.15pm and ran down the Red burn in a wave of excitement and planning their evening of Beer and food.

Well done Alison!

Posted on 09 Apr 2013 by adele
Two contrasting but great days out 7th April

A later than usual start and just managing to get the 8am Gondola and quad chair Adele and Spike headed to Aonach Beag not really having a plan ( well Adele didn't ). Yet again the sun was shining and the atmosphere calm. Eyeing up the routes Adele's eyes were drawn to the North East Ridge a true mountaineering route but Spike was spying out something diffferent!

Spike on pitch one of Kings Ransom

Adele watching in intrepedation as Spike launched into the chimney. Three tuggs later mouth in stomach Adele followed to find Spike hanging in anther icy groove. Not smiling as much as she normally does  the second pitch proved to be slightly easier. Finally reaching the NE Ridge Adele began to  smile. A top day out and thanks Spike for a great lead up a route to be remembered.

Today Adele enjoyed another day out with friends  Louis, Jenny, Charlotte and Tom. Louis excelled in his route finding after a tricky crossing of the Steal bridge. Finally reaching the top of Sgurr Mhaim the weather and the fact that Adele had eaten all her lunch by 10.30 saw us descending back to the valley after a grand outing.

Thanks again to Spike for saving the day and coming to the rescue for the 3 mile walk back to Milly.

Louis and Tom Sgurr Mhaim

Posted on 07 Apr 2013 by adele
|Another day in Paradise 4th April

A later start today saw Adele and Dave ( and everyone else) heading towards No 6 Gully (IV)on  Aonach Dubh. Debating whether or not they were prepared to go with the crowds their holiday mood allowed them to relax and cruise to the start.

With the route being fat and wide there was plenty of room and Adele and Dave were soon steaming ahead.

Dave leading on the Crux pitch.

Dave on the top pitch

Finishing the route at 1pm they walked off and were able to enjoy a picnic in the Sun before a customary Beer in the Clachaig  (Well! it is holiday time)

The Scottish conditions look promising for the next week so please do not hesitate to contact Adele if you fancy some winter climbing.

Posted on 04 Apr 2013 by adele

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